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Getting to Seoul

Most visitors to Seoul arrive at Incheon International Airport, located outside the city on Yeongjong-Yongyoo Island. The two main airlines serving Incheon are Asiana Airlines and Korean Air. Other airlines also fly into Seoul from multiple major cities across the globe. The airline you fly will depend upon your city of departure.

Upon your arrival into Incheon International Airport, there are several ways to get into downtown Seoul. The fastest, most expensive option is to take a taxi. Taxis are the best option for large groups, people with a lot of luggage, or people arriving late at night when buses and trains are not running. To take a taxi, exit the arrivals area via Gates 4-8, cross the street and go to Taxi Stands 4-8. If you want a luxury taxi, go to Taxi Stand 8C. A taxi will take about an hour to downtown.

Another option is to take the airport bus. You can get tickets for the airport bus at the ticket desk in the arrivals area on the first floor. Information on bus routes and bus stops can be found at the Airport Information Desk. After buying your ticket, exit the arrivals area and wait at Bus Stops 5B or 12A. The ride to downtown takes about 70 minutes, but if traffic is heavy, it could take longer.

The least convenient but cheapest option is to take the Airport Railroad Express (AREX). To take the AREX into downtown Seoul, follow the signs for the Transportation Center. Once there, buy a ticket from the kiosk. Choose Gimpo International Airport as your final destination. At Gimpo International Airport, exit the train and follow the signs for Subway Line 5. The subway will take you anywhere in Seoul. If you want to go downtown, transfer to Subway Line 1 at Singil Station, then transfer at Seoul Station to Subway Line 4, which will take you to Myeong-dong Station. This will take about an hour and a half.

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