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Special Events in Seoul

The celebration of Buddha's coming ensues with a Lotus Lantern Festival that is practically breathtaking. The festival commemorates his birthday and his teachings with lantern exhibitions, a paper lantern parade, and various Buddhist cultural celebrations. This special event is open to the whole public, and there are generally over 100,000 spectators in attendance to see the magnificent lights glow in the evening sky.

The Royal Guard Changing Ceremony is a must-see special event that takes place at three different palaces representing the Joseon Dynasty. It is a rather solemn ceremony at the heart of the city, and the watchmen are adorned in traditional military uniforms. This is a great opportunity to bring the family along to watch a cultural tradition.

The wedding ceremony reenactment of Joseon's royal family is another tradition where Gojong, the 26th emperor marries his empress, Myeongseong hwanghu. Spectators step back in time and experience all of the marvels of the royal family. The wedding takes place at Unhyeongung Palace, which is where Gojong lived until he took over the throne.

Come enjoy the Namsangol Hanok Village Performance, which features five traditional houses nestled among a very simple restoration village in front of a pond. There is an outdoor theater, or chanugak where wide ranges of performances take place. For instance, enjoy folk song concerts, Korean traditional mask dancers, farm music, and plays that are known for meshing tradition with modernity.

The Seoul Oriental Medicine Fair is held to help promote Korea's oriental medical field. This medicine fair was going on during the Joseon Dynasty. Here they specialize in herbal medicine, and it is definitely an interesting destination. It is located within the densely packed area of Dongdaemun. With many herbal shops open, you must visit the Medicine Fair to get the whole idea.

You can't miss the opportunity to participate in the Seoul Summer Sale. This annual shopping festival caters to foreigners, providing discounts for just about everything you can imagine. It's an ultimate shopping paradise, and tourists can register at Incheon Airport. Look for fashion, cosmetics, dining, accommodations, discounts on tourist attractions, entertainment, and much more. With over 800 participating businesses, Seoul Summer Sale is an event that you have to check out. Don't forget to buy those special gifts to take back home.

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