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Seoul, South Korea has a wide range of stores that are sure to please shoppers of all types. Seoul offers high end clothing stores, shopping malls, markets, and small independent shops in various locations throughout the city. Visitors will be in awe of all the shops that Seoul contains and all the options that they have while shopping.

Myeong-dong is one of the best sections of Seoul to go to for shopping. They have two large department stores called Lotte and Shinsegae, where you can get items such as fashion accessories, clothing, and cosmetics. Myeong-dong is the number one place to go in Seoul for cosmetics, as every Korean based cosmetics company has a store here. Many clothing and beauty items are also available at numerous stores in the area, so there is a good selection for anything you might want. In addition to the department stores and shops, street stalls are common for smaller items like snacks, drinks, scarves, or jewelry.

Clothes lovers will also want to pay a visit to Dongdaemun, where you'll find the latest fashion trends. In addition to the expensive, brand name clothing, you can also find budget and discount clothing items here. This is also the place to get fabrics if you're into making clothes yourself, and numerous fashion shows and events are held here year round.

If you'd prefer to shop for something that represents the Korean culture, head on over to Insa-dong. Here you can find traditional Korean items and crafts. There are expensive handmade clothes, pottery, and ceramics, as well as more inexpensive things like tea, souvenirs, and stationery. Many of the stores and sellers here specialize in handmade items and traditional Korean crafts, so if you truly want a piece of culture Insa-dong is the place to visit.

For a traditional market experience, Namdaemun Market is the place to go. When they first opened they sold fruits, produce, and meats, but now they have expanded into selling music, electronics, clothing, and more. Items are relatively cheap here, and you can also find stalls selling traditional Korean crafts and cultural items.

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