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Attractions in Seoul

For the traveler wondering what to see and do, there is no shortage of attractions in Seoul, South Korea. History buffs, outdoors enthusiasts, and avid shoppers will all find plenty to occupy their time in this amazing city in which the past and the present stand proudly side by side. Ancient museums, temples, and palaces exist at the base of Mount Namson, but so does a totally modern metropolitan shopping area. The rich history and fascinating culture are intricately woven into daily life in Seoul, and every visitor is welcome to come and experience this Asian flavor.

Gyeongbokgung Palace, built in 1395 by Lee Seong-Gye, the founder of the Joseon Dynasty is a must-see for tourists to Seoul. Since 1935 this wonderful rectangular edifice has been the home of the National Folk Museum of Korea. Visitors can not only marvel at the Royal apartments and staterooms, but they can also watch historical restoration in progress as architects and archeologists work diligently to uncover as much authenticity of that early time period as possible. Wander through the lovely gardens or rest beside the tranquil lotus ponds. This quiet gentility is also Seoul.

To step back into time, a visit to Namsangol Hanok Village is both educational and entertaining. From the same dynastic period, these 5 homes sit proudly amid impressive modern day high rise properties. Exploring the houses is a way to understand the various social levels of that time. Have a traditional tea ceremony, play the games of long ago, or sample the long-honed skills. You’ll learn a great deal about Asian culture when you stop by here.

The Bongeunsa Temple was built in A.D. 794 by Yeon-hoe, a high-ranking monk of his day. It was re-constructed in 1498 and functions today as the main temple for the Korean sect of Buddhism. For a unique experience, sign in and spend a few hours in contemplative meditation very similar to what would have been practiced here so many years ago.

To jump back into today, every visitor must at least spend some time in Myeong-dong, the shopping hub of the city. All crowded into one area near the subway of the same name, malls and enormous department stores will vie for your attention and money. There are great name brand purchases just waiting for buyers looking for a good deal. Restaurants and fast-food spots abound for every taste and budget.

Finally, a trip through Namsan Park up the mountain to the Seoul Tower is an amazing experience. From the revolving restaurant at the top, at night the city sparkles like a living, pulsing organism. Botanical gardens and the Maritime Aquarium are fascinating to visit during the daytime hours. Come to Seoul and breathe in the rich culture. Participate in every available experience. You’ll bring back enough memories for a lifetime after a visit to this wonderful Asian city.

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